Author:S. Alexander O'Keefe

A Journey of the Mind

The process of writing a novel is a personal journey within the mind. It’s like getting up on a Saturday morning for a hike and having the power to choose, or create, the destination, the trail, the ground you will cover, the weather conditions, your...

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The skyline of present-day London


“‘Well, now that you’ve decided to start a war, do you mind overly much if I propose a plan to win it?’” – Capussa, Sir Percival’s traveling companion and closest friend  The character Capussa, in The Return of Sir Percival, is a Numidian mercenary who endures a...

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Sword and Books

Morgana – A Formidable Nemesis

“Peace is the child of the sword.” Morgana, The Return of Sir Percival: Book I – Guinevere’s Prayer   When I think of the character Morgana in The Return of Sir Percival, the word “nemesis” comes to mind. She is intelligent, ruthless, conniving, manipulative and unscrupulous to a fault, and,...

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Sir Percival’s Epic Journey

When a good friend of mine finished reading The Return of Sir Percival, he advised me that the map of Albion at the beginning of the book failed to encompass, and hence accord appropriate acclaim, to the knight's entire journey home. He said “You need...

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The Return of Sir Percival

A Quest Fulfilled

I began writing The Return of Sir Percival: Book I – Guinevere’s Prayer two and a half years ago. This tale chronicles the last Knight of the Round Table’s epic search for Guinevere, the Queen of the Britons, upon his long delayed return to his...

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A literary journey, light shining through trees on forest path

The Journey to Queen Guinevere

Describing and developing an iconic character, such as Queen Guinevere, is a daunting task. The Guinevere in The Return of Sir Percival is a woman of approximately thirty years who has lived three lifetimes in one: She experienced life as daughter of a powerful noble;...

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